Aims & Activities

CSRB aims to:

1.Contribute to the development of philosophical research in the following fields:

  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Philosophy of History
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • History of Ideas
  • Theoretical Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Education

2.Contribute to the development of philosophical knowledge under the following themes:

  • Public Rationality
  • Application of Philosophy in Education
  • Multiculturalism
  • Modernity and Postmodernity
  • Politic and Social Organizations
  • Globalization Processes
  • Cosmopolitan Society
  • Religious Beliefs
  • The Epistemological Condition of Beliefs
  • Rationality as Practical Reason
  • The Theory of Decision and the Morality
  • Theoretical Rationality
  • Rationality, Language, Science and Action
  • Beliefs, Evolution, Development
  • The Relationship between Beliefs and Rationality

3. Attend public decisions making and to offer consultancy concerning the institutional change regarding:

  • The Role of Beliefs and Rationality within Institutional Changes
  • Public Reason and Education within a Multicultural Society
  • Skills and Conflicts Regarding Beliefs: the Role of Reason in a Multicultural and Cosmopolitan Society
  • Public Reason within Democracy and Consuming Society

CSRB promotes the following:

1. Implementation of research programs based on public, private and international funding.

2. Doctoral and continuous education in moral, political and theoretical philosophy:

  • Supporting the activity of doctoral school
  • Organizing summer school
  • Organizing postgraduate programs
  • Organizing distance learning programs
  • Supporting doctoral exchanges

3. Publishing activity and diffusing new ideas:

  • Books and journal publishing
  • Publishing the international journal of political and moral philosophy Public Reason (electronic and printed)
  • Organizing national and international conferences

4. Providing resources for the development of scientific research:

  • Providing the center’s activity by getting public and private resources, from research grants, other public and state’s funds, international programs, sponsorships, donations, research valorization, consultancy activities, publications etc.

5. Activity of international collaboration:

  • Providing support for the research activity worldwide by partnerships in the fields of research, experience exchanges and good practices, development of international programs, and organizing international manifestations
  • Supporting research visits in others universities